I never meant to start a business!

Naturally, a lot of people reach out out to me in question of how I got my business started, where I got the inspiration, how I managed to grow my customer base so rapidly. . . and other generic things of that nature. Although it may seem like those would be fairly easy and non complex questions to answer, I always find myself stuck and very hesitant to reply. Let me let you guys in on a little secret. . . I never had any intentions on opening a business, AT ALL. It just happened! And while i'm eternally grateful it did happen, i'd like to share how shopamaya.com came about.

In April 2016, I was in the market for a simple gold necklace with my name. . .after I came across a picture of Blac Chyna on Instagram wearing hers. So, the hunt began looking for this name necklace. . .I searched  up and down all of the Instagram boutiques and all I could remember is being annoyed by the prices, I can remember seeing prices as high as $150 for this one particular name necklace, and I just couldn't agree with that at all. So me being the financially frugal, yet equally bougie person I am (inserts girl with her hand out emoji). . . I went on the hunt to get it straight from the source. . . and that's exactly what I did, and low and behold I ordered my necklace.

Now my only intention for getting the necklace was for myself and me only, I had noooo intention at all in selling them or starting a business (I was working a full time job as well as I was a full time student, I had no time for that) . But once my package arrived and I took a look at the necklace and wore it for a little while, I said to myself . . ."self, I could make a business out of this". I had no business name, no idea how I would  accept payments, never thought about shipping, didn't come up with a price. . . I just took a picture of my necklace posted to my 2,500+ friends on Facebook and immediately got a response of people wanting to buy from me. The response was crazy, I had so many people sharing my post and my inbox and friend request blew up, that entire day.

When I first started accepting orders, all I had to offer was silver single name necklace and sold them for $20 a peice. I had only one product to offer, and people went nuts over that one product. I started out accepting orders via Facebook messenger and took payments through the oh so lovely Cash App (which is heaven sent, if you are not using that application why do you even have  smartphone?) but anyway. . .that's how I handled business for a few months under the business name "Chained By Amaya" (ewww, how did I even come up with that?), by this time I started offering my single name necklaces in both gold and silver as well as rose gold and started to offer one style of a customized phone case.

I started to really get in tune with my business as saw it was consistently growing, so I created my Facebook "like" page, set up a free store through bigcartel.com , purchased the website domain www.customizedbyamaya.com, designed my website all by myself, as well as created all of  my own logos. It became my obsession ever since. I incorporated rings, bracelets, double stacked necklaces, and new styles of phone case, my ideas became endless. I improved the quality and longevity of my jewelry and increased my prices, enhanced the quality of my website and even my customer service. I really wanted my business to be the real deal. The more products I put out, the more word got out about customizedbyamaya. I started selling trendier phone cases which really helped to set my business through the roof, I established a line of mink fur eyelashes, and other accessories.

In a years time, I've watched my sales grow rapidly from making hundreds of dollars worth of revenue, to multiple thousands of dollars worth of revenue. I am self taught, and everything I have done was trial and error until I found and got a good idea of what works and what does not work for me. My business has changed my life in so many ways and I am happy to have grown and I'm proud that I am able to share my story with you today.

Everyday is not a walk in the park, sometimes things don't always go or work out as planned, but that's the beauty of it . . .there are no limits.

I often say, I didn't start my business, my business started me. Which is truly the biggest blessing of it all.

While I've said farewell to my original baby customizedbyamaya.com, I am so happy to bring you something bigger, better and more put together. I know you all will enjoy shopamaya.com even more, and I'll be sure to update you in another year from now on my journey. I appreciate your constant support, and I hope all you future entrepreneurs find a bit of inspiration in my story :-)


Love always,