Are you really a good person?

It's easy to view yourself as a selfless, caring, always-wishing-good-unto others type of person, right? Not a lot of us analyze ourselves and see a person who is sneaky, shady and just a tad bit insecure. However, when you take a deeper dive into things it may be a tad bit more easier to spot your own flaws and make you think, am I really a good person?

Lets take me for example. . . While I swear by wishing good unto everyone, always using my kindest tone while talking to people, and never talking unkind about others. Honestly, that's not always the truth, and while I'd like to say I want to pop myself and say "self that's not very nice", that's a very unrealistic thing. Why? Because I am human, just like yourself, and while yes we would all love and swear by being a "good person". That is not the case. . .at all.

Think of the last time you were talking or hanging with a group of friends and they made a funny or "not-so-nice" comment about someone else. Did you laugh? Did you chime in and add a remark of your own? Or did you step up an compliment that person, or replace your friends comment with something a little bit more kind hearted? Let me guess, it was either A or B. And no, don't feel guilty now. . .you meant to laugh and you meant the comment you made. But think, why did you say it? Exactly. . .you had no reason, and If you were to see that person right now you would more than likely greet them with a smile like nothing ever happened.

Again, this doesn't make you a bad person, because newsflash honey. . .we all do, or have done the same exact thing. Trust me , people do it to you too! (Yes, people talk and laugh about you behind your back boo.)

This is just one example of the man sub conscious things that we do that aren't so nice, that may not be such an easy habit to break, but we can definitely cut back on.

Me, having a business and interacting with so many people on a day to day basis. . .I find this so very important to watch what I say to or about people. how I treat people, or how a present myself as a person.

Yes, I can be nicer and while I am all for supporting everyone and doing my absolute best to lend a helping hand to all, it would be foolish of me to think I would get the same in return, If we are being realistic.

No matter how much of a "good person" you may think you are, you are not everyone's cup-of-tea. People will look straight past all the good and positive things you do, just because they don't particularly care for you as a person. That has nothing to do with how good you look, how nice you are, if you pay your taxes on time and even if you never litter. If someone just doesn't have a taste for you , that's that , and being a "good person" wont change it.

I found myself thinking about this recently, when analyzing life, and business, etc. I realized I wont always be someone's "favorite" , people don't HAVE to support me , and the same vice versa.

However, I am my biggest critic, and can definitely check myself on things I can improve on. But not just me. . .we, you and I both have things we can improve on and while no. . . we may not be "bad people" per-say. There are minor changes we can make to mold and shape us into the "good-person" we already claim to be.

So take this into consideration the next time you swear by being a "good person", or wonder why someone doesn't necessarily favor you . Are you REALLY a good person?